A journey that began in 1945

The locals have always known the existence of a current of fresh air which came out of a hole about 15 cm in diameter, now located on top of the current entrance to the caves. With the intention of turning the lands of So na Pacs into dry land The lord of the estate, Guillem Torres i Cladera, promoted the search for water. In the June 1945, Bartomeu Palou i Bennàsser - Xineta - thought that the noise and the coolness of the hole indicated the existence of a groundwater stream. The caves were discovered by widening the hole and gaining access to the inside of the cavity.

The Cave transports us to more than 10 million years ago.

Bartomeu "Xineta" made the first access ladder. The master builder Antoni Salvà i Torres and Joan Siquier Alemany obtained permission to exploit the caves for tourism. The architect Josep Ferragut planned the set of buildings, terraces, stairs and gardening exterior as well as the interior road and access corridor. The Caves of Campanet opened to the public on November 10, 1948.

A unique environment

The Caves of Campanet have an undoubted recreational and scientific interest and are one of the most prized places in the natural heritage of Mallorca. In this circumstance you can add value to the uniqueness and beauty of the surroundings. The countryside and the landscape of the valley of Sant Miquel. In this same place are located the Gothic church of the s. XIII of the same name and the Fonts Ufanes, one of the most interesting hydrological phenomena in Mallorca.