I'm Josep Joan, passionate about fishing and cooking with embers.

In our family the fire is always present, we meet, cook and share moments around it. As a child, my grandfather and my father began to teach me the secrets of the grill and the countryside and over time I have developed my own style; selecting the best raw materials, those that most identify us, always of high quality, to make you part of my way of seeing cooking; close, sustainable, product and always grilled.

The family heritage

In the family restaurant, my wife Paloma and I run the kitchen and prepare the dishes that we present every day depending on the season and the market. My sister Maria Elionor is in charge of the management and selection of the winery and our team complements the service and environment that we create in a unique and natural surroundings, at the foot of Puig de Sant Miquel, in this small valley in the town of Campanet.

Sustainable agricultural management

At Ses Coves we take care of the environment and the family heritage that surrounds us with sustainable agricultural management. We generate our firewood by pruning the trees on the farm, we cultivate the land, plant our garden and collect organic vegetables, we also raise sheep, goats and chickens that graze freely.

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